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A Special Story: The “You are Loved” Square

So, this tiny square is very special to me for many reasons! The number one reason is because everything about it symbolizes mental health awareness. Let me explain how!

So, are you ready for some fun facts?

  • Green: is the official color for depression awareness

  • Yellow: is the official color for suicide awareness

  • The Sunflower: The official flower for suicide awareness

So, I'm assuming that as you're reading this, you're beginning to see the relationship between this tiny square and mental health awareness!


Well guys, this was the first piece I ever completed solely showing off You are Loved Crafts and why I started it all. This little square explains why I've personally chosen yellow and green as the business colors, why I chose "You are Loved" as the name of the business, and finally, for why my slogan says and will always say,

"You are wanted. You are enough. You are Loved!"

When I think about my past and my own mental health journey, the one thing I wish I heard more often by those around me are the simple words of "I love you, Katherine." So, after the lowest moment of my life, I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to make sure I show others that they are always wanted, they are always enough, and they are always loved.

Every person deserves to feel wanted, heard, valid, and loved.

So, this is the very special story behind this tiny little wooden square. I simply made it because I wanted to physically show mental health awareness through art, colors, and nature. Because sometimes art can speak the words that are often silenced. I created this tiny craft because I wanted someone to have. So they are constantly reminded that they are loved. And I'm honored to say that it serves its purpose every day for the one who owns it now.

At the end of every day, this is my dream for "You are loved Crafts" and the only reason why I do everything that I've done and will continue to do. Even on the bad days. All of you. Every person that I've seen, spoken to, and even the strangers. All of you are what push me to continue. I truly want others to know how special and wanted they are, even if we are just strangers at an art festival. I want every person that I meet or talk to, to feel accepted for who and what they are.

I honestly hope every day that my artwork can be used to brighten at least one persons day.

Just a single life is always enough.

Who knew that something so small and simple could symbolize so much?

Always remember

You are wanted. You are enough. And you are Loved!

Guys, thank you so much for taking the time to read these blogs! Please keep an eye out for more, because I have a ton of special stories that inspired the things that I've created ☺️

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