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A Special Story: The Butterfly Box

Well, I was going to start this bold by saying "this piece was and still is very special to me," but the truth is, every piece is very special to me.

They each have their own story, and here's the story behind the Butterfly Box.

If I'm remembering correctly, I think this might've been the second or third craft that I completed after starting You are Loved Crafts. But I guess when and where it was completed doesn't really matter all that much, haha.

So, I didn't grow up with grandparents. The ones that I considered grandparents were adopted grandparents, or rather, close friends of the family. Both of my grandparents on my moms side passed away when I was only a baby and I never knew my dads parents. So naturally, I always wondered what my grandparents were like and what advice they would've given me through every life obstacle or lesson.

Growing up, it was always just my mom and I, but she always made sure to share stories, persona;its traits, and memories of them. She always told me that they loved me more than anything and words couldn't express the happiness they felt once I was born.

I've always loved looking at pictures of them, and pictures of myself as a baby being held by them.

I promise, there is a huge reason why I've unfolded this story about my grandparents! But I'm sure you've guessed it already, haha! Yes, the butterfly box! It was created in honor of my grandparents, specifically my grandma.

Growing up, everywhere I went I always saw a yellow butterfly! I know it probably sounds silly, but it's true! The more I began to see it, the more curious I grew. Finally, I eventually told my mom about this yellow butterfly. She always told me that it was my grandma watching over me and physically being apart of my life. IThis all began iall the way back in elementary school, and now, I'm almost 30 now! (holy cow!) and yes,

I still see this yellow butterfly till this day!

I've always found it funny how our loved ones stay with us and in our lives after they've passed on. Even if we didn't really know them or remember them. It's quite beautiful, actually.

Does anyone else have a story like this? Do you have your own personal butterfly? Is there something in your life that is symbolic or reminds you of someone who's passed away or isn't around anymore?

I'd really love to hear your stories, if you have them!

Thank you guys again for taking the time to read these special stories! I'm going to try to share as many as I can about as many completed crafts as I can!

Love you guys!

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