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All About the Crafts

Everything that I create is one of a kind. It has all been hand painted and hand drawn! I absolutely love creating things in honor of people that are very important in my own life, anything about mental health, special memories, etc. I strive to have at least one item that each person can connect with! I want to have a little bit of absolutely everything, for absolutely every person that happens to stumble upon my work!

 I also love creating crafts as a gift to the loved ones of my customers! 

So, if you have any special requests or want a personalized craft, please reach out! We can talk about it and see what we can come up with!!!


How is everything made?
Well, let me tell you!

Before being painted, no matter the size or shape, each project starts as a clean wooden object

Once all sanded and smooth, if requested to be painted or I have an idea with a colored background, they are then painted with a basic acrylic paint.

Next, everything is then lightly hand drawn with a basic pencil. Once the drawing is completed, it is then all colored, and completed with gel pens. 

Finally, they are then completed with a clear non- yellowing/ anti- chipping coating! 

Almost everything is UV protected and water resistant!

The clear coats come in Matte, Satin, Glossy, and Thick Gloss.

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